Frissons of water and wind

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Grau-du-Roi – Port-Camargue

Ride in The Espiguette

Look no further for paradise on the sea. In the Gard you will find the best of the Great Blue. Totally restful holidays, and the adrenaline of board sports. Cultural emotions and taste delights. Clear blue water, soft sand, unlimited skies …. And you.

Why do we love the sea so? We need it, we want its company, just gazing at it makes us happy, and any chance to go we take. This intimate relation with the sea – you get it in the Gard. For starters, there’s the beach. Or rather, the beaches. Kilometres upon kilometres of unspoilt beach, sheltered from the strong eastern winds, unfold before you. Where to lay your towel down is one of the biggest decisions of the day. Beaches close to town with food and beverage services, or beaches far from everything, full of dunes and wide open spaces such as L’Espiguette. There are both. And for over 20 years, year in and year out, all the beaches in the Gard fly the blue flag: irreproachable water quality.

Once you’ve soaked up some rest and some sun, you may want to move on to some action. And, in the number one marina in Europe, action is easy. Rent a sailboat, take lessons, try kayaking, standup paddleboarding and windsurfing. Kitesurf may also tempt you, for here in the Gard, there’s a famous kitesurf spot. Jet ski is another possibility, as is tubing, and boating, with or without a boating licence. There’s also the choice of underwater sports, so add diving and snorkelling to the list of possibilities, and you’ll have complete panel of water sports to choose from!

For seaside gastronomy, give in to the scrumptious little shellfish known as “tellines”, and delicious Mediterranean fish such as mackerel, sea bream, porgy, sea bass and others, brought in by fisherman in Le Grau-du-Roi. To discover sea life, a visit to the Seaquarium is fun for the whole family.


“What draws people here above all is the view onto the horizon. Whether there be rain, wind, sunshine or in the light of the moon, being able to look out to sea is fabulous.”

Bernard Suzzarini, Port-Camargue marina

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The Seaquarium for the whole family


Children seem hypnotised by sea horses and octopus; radiant smiles break out when watching graceful seals and otters. And sharks do bring out the shivers! A wide range of emotions and sensations occur at the Seaquarium in Le Grau-du-Roi. The giant aquarium which measures over 2,400 m² of space has a vast sampling of more than 2000 species of Mediterranean and tropical fish. There are 30 different types of sharks swimming in 1000 m² of space. Lots of interactive events and specially designed itineraries for children add to the fun. The Seaquarium presents in-depth knowledge in their museum space which also discusses fishing. Ancient legends, myths, sea monsters and forgotten underwater cities are all described in the magnificent Imaginarium.

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For food lovers? Tellines!


The tiny, delicious “wedge shells” or flat tellins, known in French as tellines are very popular. They are one of the most delicate Mediterranean seafood products. Tellines are emblematic of the Camargue beaches, where they are harvested in an artisan fashion by professional fishermen using a rake and a small-meshed net. Tellines are most often enjoyed very simply, Provencal style, and are a great delicacy.

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