The resort on the edge of the open sea

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Port Camargue, the 1st marina in Europe

Long beaches of fine-grained sand near city centre or vast moon-like dune ranges, top-flight sports activities or leisure strolls through picturesque lanes, fine cuisine and summer shopping, Le Grau-du-Roi – Port-Camargue has the perfect combination of a charming fishing port adjoined to a verdant port city.
Enjoy! You’re in the Mediterranean!

Backed by its salt marshes, overlooking the 17 km of Gard coastline, Le Grau-du-Roi – Port-Camargue is the only coastal city in the whole department. The little fishing port, now tops in the Mediterranean, and the seaside city, first in Europe for pleasure boating with 5,000 mooring rings, are both ready to provide just what you need for a successful holiday in an always-quaint setting. For dozens of years, the five local beaches (one of which is fitted out for persons of reduced mobility) have represented the raison d’être of the resort.

Once you’ll have left the beaches, you’ll want to wander through the town alleyways. On both sides of the canal – with its historically-listed 1828 lighthouse – you’ll find yourself charmed by the change of scenery. As you ramble along the business and pedestrian streets, you’ll have no problem in finding a bite (or more) to eat, in filling your shopping basket with souvenirs or that little top, that piece of jewellery or that silly hat that all help to make up the very essence of vacationing. All week long, on one bank or the other, you can stroll through the outdoor markets, or buy freshly-caught fish at the stalls along the canal.

Starting in spring, the city’s calendar is dotted with colourful events. In April the Graulinades pay homage to seafood cooking, whereas Les Nautiques are a reputed second-hand boat fair. And on Ascension Day weekend the Vogua Monstra fetes Mediterranean seamanship. But it’s really in mid-June that the seafaring soul of the city comes to life. At the Fête de la Saint-Pierre, tribute is paid both to the sea and fishermen in a solemn and joyous ambiance. Then in peak summer season, every imaginable sports and leisure activity abounds, including Camargue bullfighting in the local arenas.

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At regular intervals throughout the summer, the Grau-du-Roi canal springs to life. Crowds gather to watch the famous Languedoc water jousting. In these medieval-times tourneys two teams of white-suited “nautical knights” face off, to the tune of local musicians. Ten oarsmen from each side propel their boats forward – one blue, one red – drawing level with the adversary. The jousters, perched on their tintaine platform three meters above water level, try to push their opponents into the water by striking their shield with their lance. This traditional sport is only played competitively in fewer than a dozen cities and its noble representatives here go by the name Jeune Lance Graulenne.



At the quays of Grau-du-Roi and Port Camargue, a dozen outfits offer sailing or boating trips along the coastline. These mini-cruises of varying length generally include a visit of the nearby coastal cities and afford an unusual view of the beaches and Petite Camargue.

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