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The Cevennes means steep hillsides and peaceful valleys, vast spaces which convey wonderful rare energy and spirit. The Cevennes have rich history and heritage – their culture, traditions and ideas have been ranked as UNESCO World Heritage. Sharing them is second nature.

The Cevennes is a legendary place. Land that man has patiently tamed and consistently shaped, creating beautiful harmony between man and nature and fashioning unique landscapes. See the cultivated fields carved from slopes, farms built in harmony with their environment. Discover the silkworm raising past, and the mulberry trees whose leaves fed the activity. Chestnuts and sweet onions are two thriving traditions. This is land fashioned by people with strong spirit and a taste for individual freedom. The Cevennes is full of character and was where Protestants took refuge during the wars of religion. You will find what you are looking for in the Cevennes.

Mont Aigoual, the highest point in the county, peaks at 1567 metres. Stunning landscapes abound in the Cevennes mountains, the last folds of the piedmont sloping gradually into the southern plains. Valleys and rivers surround interesting towns and villages, all still authentic and dynamic. See the towns of Le Vigan, Valleraugue, Saint-Jean-du-Gard, Anduze, Alès and Génolhac. Visit Portes and its majestic château, discover the rich history and architecture, the festive events and cultural opportunities. As you descend further south, be sure to see the active towns of Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort, Sauve, Quissac and Vézénobres which offer a great lifestyle.

The territory is part of UNESCO World Heritage, and surrounding sites are well worth a detour. See the “Cirque de Navacelles” (a magnificent box canyon), the Causse de Blandas, the Cevennes National Park. Go hiking on any one of the historical hiking paths, and enjoy a family adventure on the old steam-powered train, at the Bambouseraie forest, at the historical mine in Alès, the silkworks museum, the pitchfork conservatory, or any one of the many sites and museums, which will provide you with lasting memories.


« The greatness of the Cévennes is the multitude of different worlds, each one as interesting as the next. »

Daniel Travier, curator of the Musée des Vallées cévenoles

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The steam-driven train and the Bambouseraie, two unforgettable, “must-see” experiences



From Anduze to Saint-Jean-du-Gard, or the other way around, the steam-driven train takes you on a beautiful 13-kilometre train trip behind a lovingly renovated 1917 locomotive. The train trip lasts approximately forty minutes and makes a stop at the bamboo forest known as the Bambouseraie de Prafrance. The 35 hectares of La Bambouseraie are planted with over 100 different varieties of bamboo from the Far East, brought back to France in 1855 by a silk merchant. See the greenhouses, aquatic gardens, the Laotian village and Dragon valley as you stroll the forest.
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Hiking in the Gard… with a donkey!


If you are looking for a family holiday that combines the pleasure of walking with your children and drinking in magnificent panoramas, look no further!
Follow in the footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson and his four-legged friend Modestine, and come live a fun and pleasant adventure where you hike through superb landscapes with a donkey who carries the weight. On your own or with a guide, hike during the day and stay in lovely hotels, gîtes, B&Bs, yurts or even a tepee, depending on the level of comfort you are seeking …
You can hike along an itinerary and change accommodations every night, or hike from a fixed base and return each evening to the same accommodation.

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