Explore the hidden beauty of a multifarious river valley

La-Roque-sur-Ceze-Most-Beautiful-Village-of-France Along-the-ceze-river

Along the Cèze river

La Roque-sur-Cèze

The link between the Cévennes, the Rhône valley and Ardèche, the Cèze river flows from West to East, sometimes impetuous, sometimes as meek as a lamb. The elegant valley it has carved, home to some of the most beautiful villages in France, will delight the entire family as you explore the treasures to be seen.

If you like nature, the Cèze river valley is made for you. The Cèze river which winds across the northern part of County Gard is an outdoor paradise, a secret well-kept by those who have discovered this area. Green tourism is the key here, and accommodations change from previous habits – yurts, treehouses, nudist colonies and other choices await you. Hiking, mountain-biking, on horseback or in canoes, there are many ways to explore the Cèze river valley and enjoy the many beaches.

Here’s a hint – the three villages in the Gard which have been ranked as “Most Beautiful Villages of France” are in the Cèze river valley. Visit Aiguèze which crowns the Ardèche river; Montclus, nestled in a bend in the Cèze, and La Roque-sur-Cèze, superbly perched above the tumultuous river near the extraordinary Cascades du Sautadet. Nearby lies Barjac, famous for its collectors’ markets, and Lussan, justly celebrated for the beautiful gorges carved out of limestone, known as the “Concluses”. Both are ranked as “Villages de caractère”. Take the time to wander Goudargues, the Venice of the Gard. See Saint-Ambroix and Bagnols-sur-Cèze with its little-known treasure – the Albert André museum.

There is nothing ordinary about the banks of the Cèze river. A few examples? A fitness stay in the healthful waters resort in Allègre-les-Fumades is one. And how about one of the many outdoor sports stays proposed in Méjannes-le-Clap. More? Try a whole new perspective on life by exploring the caves and the entire underground world with the whole family. You can even pan for gold along the Cèze !


“Wild yet gentle, the Cèze river valley remains authentic, with small villages which have remained true to themselves. The Cèze is interesting and beautiful in every season”.

Laurence Perrot, Méjannes-Le-Clap Tourism Office

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Exploring the world underground


The Grotte de la Salamandre, an enormous underground cave, is the dimension of a football stadium and its periphery is adorned with crystals - each one more stunning than the next in regards to their form, texture, beauty, and dimension. Two tunnels were drilled in 2012 to give walkable access.
The setup has been designed to allow access of this formidable show of nature, lit up with beautiful shifting light and accentuated with atmospheric music, to ALL.

The Guided Tour is accessible to all who can walk down and up 86 easy steps.
The huge dimensions avoid the oppressing feelings one have in closed places.
Continuous railings will help for the whole duration of the tour, from the entrance to the exit.
Kilometers of optical fibers have been unrolled to signal by little lighting dots the sides of the walkways and eventual steps

The Grand Rappel
A unique experience : 50 meters abseiling by the natural vertical entrace, with family or friends.
Discover the huge cave by its ceiling.
A shared adrenalin experience !
The Grand Rappel is reserved to adults in good health, and chlidren from 12 years old.

New in 2015, an adventure circuit ! The Grotte de la Salamandre hides lots of treasures, but some are well hidden and are too fragile to be left accessible to all.
You can discover them, but you will have to deserve them ! A beautiful underground trail, varied and fun although a bit sporty...
12 years old and more. On Wednesday, special sessions from 9 years old.




Imagine a calm and beautiful place, in the countryside, designed and created for your well-being, for your relaxation … Between the Cévennes and the fragrant scrubland lie the thermal baths Les Thermes des FUMADES LES BAINS, the only natural springs in the Gard. People have come to take the waters at Les Fumades for more than a century. Here they benefit from the therapeutic virtues of the natural sulphur mineral waters reputed far and wide for their healing powers for respiratory ailments. The resort also offers outstanding well-being treatments featuring the mineral waters and the latest hydro-therapy techniques. There are special set rates for getting back in shape, with a wide range of well-being care such as oil and clay wrap body sculpting, spa, sauna, hammam, balneotherapy, hydro-massaging baths and showers, presso-therapy, massages…

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