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From the Causses magnificent highlands to the peaks and valleys in the Cévennes the Gard is home to many different species and outstanding floral riches. To enhance your understanding and exploration of this sumptuous forest vegetation, consider visiting the arboretums which propose shady discovery trails amidst the “Lords of the Forest”: Sequoia, Grecian fir, Nordmann fir, Oriental spruce, Sitka spruce, Larch, Pinus nigra, Giant sequoia, Atlas cedar, Araucaria, Quercus rubra or champion oak, Chestnut, Wych elm, Birch, Whitebeam, Wild cherry and many other species... a delight for the entire family!
Come stroll and enjoy the La Foux arboretum, the Hort de Dieu arboretum, the Cazebonne arboretums, and the Puechagut arboretums, where tree trails await your visit.

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