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Developed caves in the Gard are your entry to the thousand-and-one treasures and marvels of the underground word: rooms and meanders, galleries and sinkholes … lots to see and learn!
Between Cévennes and Ardèche, in Courry, La Cocalière cave is one of the 3 most beautiful caves in France…
Then there is Trabuc cave, with the biggest underground network in the Cévennes. There is a waterfall, a lake… and the mysterious “100,000 soldiers”, a geological curiosity that is unique in the world!
A trip to the Abîme de Bramabiau, near Mont Aigoual, takes you to the starting point of the River Bonheur!
The cave known as Grotte de la Forestière is a veritable life-size geode with a very rare concretion and cave-dwelling fauna. 
La Salamandre cave has a fascinating guided tour with sound and light, in the heart of an enormous underground cave surrounded by magnificent huge concretions!

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