Float or sail on the water in the Gard

River Escapades in the Gard... From the Rhône to the Mediterranean


Water is everywhere in the Gard, and with more than 160 kilometres of waterways, the Gard is one of the leading destinations for boat tourism. The Rhône, the Petit Rhône and the Rhône-to-Sète Canal are very popular with visitors drawn by the charm of the barges, the cruise ships and other navigation means. Seen from the water, the beautiful countryside in the Rhone Valley and the Camargue can be fully appreciated, and stops in picturesque villages create unforgettable memories. With the revival of riverboating, the Gard goes back to the centuries-old tradition of river travel, for waterways were long a very fundamental element of economic and population development. It is easy to imagine the hubbub arising from the medieval fairs and trade which took plae near the water’s edge during the Middle Ages. The medieval Foire de la Madeleine in Beaucaire, and the brisk wine trade in Saint Gilles are two such examples. And of course, do not hesitate to explore beyond the river, to see the natural and cultural heritage that awaits you – such as in the heart of Camargue, near Franquevaux and Gallician.

There are several options to explore the Gard from the water:

  • Rent a boat for a week or a weekend?
    Why not you? You don’t need any kind of licence, and the whole family can help with the steering and maneuvers...
    We have taken the concept of the house-boat and evolved it into a true boat that you can rent and live in while navigating …The interior layout is a compromise between a camping-car and a small house.
    Different models measuring 9 to 15 metres are available for 2 to 12 persons. The renter provides a document and a brief introduction which prepares you for your boating stay. Then you lift anchor and get started! Once you have the document provided by the renter, any passenger over the age of 16 can take the wheel. You’ll find everything you need on board your boat: built-in kitchen, meal area and lounge, bathroom. You’ll feel right at home !

  • Board a tour boat, where, for several hours or a day-long outing, you leave all concerns behind ! This is a total change of pace and of perspective. Enjoy the gentle rhythm of the boat and all the landscapes that are visible only from the canals and the rivers. Listen to the gentle sounds of the reeds rustling in the wind, the flapping of wings, the lapping water … pure relaxation is a big part of it !

  • Rent a motor boat with or without licence. Day or half-day, and set your sights on the Mediterranean. Great sensations on the horizon !


PORT CAMARGUE, the number one marina in Europe

The marina at Port Camargue is an oasis of peace, as you sail through the harbour or walk along the quais. Modern architecture blends beautifully into the green setting, studded with flowering oleander which creates a wonderful ambiance along the port. Port Camargue is a seaside city ideally located between the fishing port in Grau du Roi and the protected L’Espiguette beaches. Water, sun and sand surround the great sailors and boaters who share the same passion for the sea.

Port facility is certified ISO 14001 and CleanPorts

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