No matter where you travel in the Gard, food is a delight. It’s only natural - the exceptional weather of these rich and diversified terroirs yields beautiful and tasty delicacies. Carefully tended and enhanced by the excellent work of local producers, these ingredients will lure you along a culinary journey. In the Gard the attitude toward quality is intransigent: for over 20 years the Militant du Goût label has set the tone. What’s more, the Gard department holds a proud second place for organic production in France, with more than 760 producers and nearly 20,000 hectares of cropland.

The lists of AOP and IGP distinctions – those tough-to-land labels – are as long as a gastronomic menu: Pélardon Cheese, Nîmes Olives and Olive Oil, Cévennes Mild Onions, Nîmes Strawberries, Cévennes Chicken and Capon, Camargue Bull Meat and Rice and soon Cévennes Chestnuts and Honey as well. Still hungry? Then let’s tempt your taste buds with truffles and boletus mushrooms, asparagus, Reinettes du Vigan apples, salt cod brandade, tapenade and all the fruit and vegetables that the generous Mediterranean brings forth.

And then, for the wine-lovers among us, you’ll truly find yourselves in seventh heaven. Between the AOP Côtes du Rhône Village wines of Laudun, Chusclan, Signargues and Saint-Gervais, and those of Lirac, Tavel, Bellegarde Clairette, Côtes du Vivarais, Costières de Nîmes, Languedoc or Duché d’Uzès and the IGP Cévennes, Sable de Camargue, and Coteaux du Pont du Gard, you’ll need to be relatively robust to be able to taste and compare them all. A tip: take along a little Perrier water – remember, the Perrier springs are located in the Gard and can even be visited.