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“Militant du gout” means ...

We staunchly support authentic, flavourful products. Militant du Goût is a signature, a brand which guarantees the origin, the quality, the seasonal nature of the product, informing and protecting the consumer. In a word, or rather 2 words: authenticity and flavor!

The approach labeled "Le Gard, Militant du Goût, came into being in 2002 under the auspices of the Gard General Council. The initiative aims to develop the Gard gastronomic heritage by facilitating awareness and promotion of excellent products. These products convey the quintessence of Gard county agriculture and the savoir-faire of our artisans and restaurants.


From the consumer perspective:
To make each day a celebration of good food, follow the guide – the “Militant du Goût” guide, which takes you to local products and places you can taste them… on site or take-away.

The “Militant du Goût” guide lists nearly 600 addresses where you can find or taste on site excellent products prepared by some 200 farmers, 110 artisans, 80 restaurants, 10 regional specialty shops, 175 stands at Les Halles marketplaces in Nîmes and Alès, 70 wine shops and cellars, all of whom have signed the quality charter.

Where you can get this guide?

 - Request it from the General Council by calling +33 (0)4 66 27 34 81 (Promotion and Tourism Department) who will send you a copy free of charge.
 - Download it here
 - In all the Tourism Offices in the Gard


For professionals :
To become part of “Le Gard, Militant du Goût” network, professionals must produce or work with traditional Gard products with a quality label. They must also:
• either meet the specifications for a profession or a product,
 • or be awarded a medal at the annual competitions such as "Le Gard, Militant du Goût" (food products) or wine competitions. These competitions also impose strict specifications to ensure the quality of the local Gard products

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