The Outstanding Good Taste Site - Bull from Camargue is located in the South of the Gard, on the West of the delta of the Rhône. Vast zone of swamp mark out by the Mediterranean coast, it's a territory with an exceptional environmental wealth recognized by numerous national and European labels. Constituted by a symbolic natural environment such as wet meadows, garigues, lagoons... the breeding of the bull plays a first-rate environmental role by participating in the biodiversity conservation.

The AOP bull from Camargue (1st French beef rewarded by a label in 1996) owes its particular character thanks to the conditions of breeding. Indeed, firstly raised in vast spaces to the bullfighting traditions purpose , the bulls pasture with half freedom in varied environments. Their moving and their food, constitute by a multitude of diverse plants, bring to their meat delicacy and a unique taste. Of dark red color, the meat of bull from the AOP has a low rate of fatty acid compared to the other French races.

The bull from the Camargue is raised by herdsmans called "Manadiers". All year long, they invite you to discover their breedings and the traditions during events proposed within the herds of bulls. Festive atmosphere, with the sound of "gyspy" guitars, and local gastronomy, including the famous "gardianne of bull", end these unique moments.
To discover the Camargue and its traditions, diverse leisure activities are possible : hikes and bike in swamps, outing nature with guides, a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, horse rides, safari 4x4, river cruises. So many opportunities to discover a territory differently.