The territory of the sweet onion is located in the heart of the Southern Cévennes, at the foot of the mount Aigoual. 
The steep relief, from the Middle Ages, led the man to build terraces retained by low walls in dry stones to hold back sandy and acid grounds subjected to a strong erosion.
It is the dry, hot and sunny climate combined with the presence of numerous springs that allowed the development of this production so particular. Nowadays, the system of irrigation evolved, with in particular the implementation of a mill pond of the rainwater and systems of watering more thrifty.
With more than thousand terraces - certified in AOP- this exceptional region shaped in the course of time a remarkable landscape.

This identity product, is the alliance of a traditional knowledge immortalized by 120 producers and a typical region.
Sweet, it is also sugary and juicy, it is the only sweet onion which preserves naturally without anti-germinal treatment. It tastes raw or cooked, and also in the form of products transformed all year long.

Planted in the beginning of winter, it is transplanted in spring and harvested in summer. From the middle of August to mid-March, he is available on markets and in the businesses and appears on the cards of the restaurants, guestrooms....

The manually done works protect the quality of the sweet onion from the Cévennes which obtained the Protected designation of origin (AOC) in 2003 followed by the Protected designation of origin ( AOP) in 2008.

To discover the Cévennes, its symbolic product, its exceptional landscapes and its protected heritage, numerous leasure activities and discoveries are possible : hikes, visits of farming, special events, tastings... so many opportunities to take advantage of this region differently. 

Finally, the network of the Ambassadors of the Outstanding Good Taste Sites, constituted by professionals of tourism and producers, makes a commitment to offer you a privileged welcome and authentic meetings …