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Regional products from the Gard



Starters, main dishes, desserts, wines and sweets… the Gard is an extraordinary garden which serves up specialties from start to finish. Whether a Michelin-starred table or a casual meal among friends, here in the Gard you can savour outstanding products prepared with passion.

Wherever you stay in the Gard, meals are a pleasure. The great weather conditions combine with the rich and varied terroirs to provide nothing but the best ingredients, which are then enhanced by growers and chefs whose goal is to provide you with excellence. Together, they beckon us all on a veritable culinary journey. The Gard is intransigeant about quality. The Militant du Goût label has been in place for over 20 years, guaranteeing high standards. Gard county is the second biggest county in France for organic production, with over 760 organic growers farming nearly 20,000 hectares.

The list of hard-to-get AOP and IGP distinctions (Protected Designation of Origin and Protected Geographical Indication) is as long as a gastronomic meal. You have Pélardon, Olives and Olive Oil from Nîmes, the sweet onion from the Cévennes, Strawberries from Nîmes, Chicken and Capon from the Cévennes, Rice and Bull meat from Camargue and soon the gorgeous Chestnut Honey from the Cévennes. Other specialties from the Gard include truffles and boletus mushrooms, asparagus, the beautiful Reinettes apples from Le Vigan, the very traditional codfish paste called “brandade de morue”, tapenade and countless Mediterranean fruits and vegetables.