Le Bois des Espeisses


Le Bois des Espeisses

  • Le Bois des Espeisses
  • Le Bois des Espeisses
  • Le Bois des Espeisses
  • Le Bois des Espeisses
  • Le Bois des Espeisses

Protected and ecological area.

In this 82 hectare natural area , 56 hectares are open and developed for the public, and 26 hectares are in a protected area known as the ecological zone.

The origin of the name: In Occitan, "Espés" which means thick, abundant, is synonymous with "Talhada": thicket. In addition, the Latin definition of "spissus" is: tight, dense, compact. We can therefore imagine for "Espeisses" the following meaning: thick and dense thicket

You will find in this space:
- Forty picnic tables spread across the wood.
- Playgrounds with structures suitable for children from 4 to 6 years old, and from 6 to 12 years old.
- Stretching apparatus positioned at the reception area located in the parking lot along the RN 106, allowing you to stretch your arms, trunk and legs after physical effort.
- Seven short hiking circuits

Suitable for all , from 700m to 4800m
Among them, a themed path "LE DEVOIS" of 4300 m invites you to discover along the circuit, the history of the Bois des Espeisses with its activities, its built heritage, the circuit and the exploitation of water, and of course its wildlife.

A path is suitable for people with reduced mobility : the Yeuseraie path comprising 2 marked multi-sensory circuits (a circuit of 1030 m and a circuit of 600 m) inviting you to discover the history of the site as well as the fauna that you can meet.
- Orientation race circuit cards are on sale at the Nîmes Tourist Office (04 66 58 38 00) or from the Gard Orientation Association (04 66 67 63 01).

The entire space is classified as an approved reserve, so hunting is prohibited, as is the movement of motor vehicles.
- Show respect by being master of your animals (dog) and know how to share space.
-Do not smoke
-Do not pick
-Do not climb the dry stone walls and capitelles because they are fragile !!
-Do not climb trees
-Respect the furniture that is at your disposal

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