Le Mont Bouquet


Le Mont Bouquet

  • Mont Bouquet

In the heart of the scrubland, Mont Bouquet peaks at 631 m.

Mount Bouquet is a vast limestone promontory of the Gard scrubland between Ales and Bagnols-sur-Cèze.
Mont Bouquet is a vast limestone promontory in the chaparral countryside of the Gard, between the towns of Alès and Bagnols-sur-Cèze.
At the peak of Mont Bouquet, a chapel with a statue of the Virgin, and a high, 60-meter TDF antenna called the “guidon du Bouquet" and culminating at 631 meters.
In addition to the television relay there is a fire tower which is very effective in periods of drought.

Grandiose views over the wild countryside with many different, outstanding landscapes.

Two roads lead to Mont Bouquet: the first starts in Navacelles, goes through the village of Bouquet then over Bourricot pass. The second starts from the village of Brouzet-les-Alès.

Outstanding panoramic views. With clear skies you can see the Mediterranean, Mont Ventoux to the east, Mont-Aigoual and the foothills of the Cévennes to the west.

Lots of hiking paths:
1- The hamlet of Suzon and the Aiguières
From the hamlet of Suzon, accessible from the road which leads to the village of Bouquet, you can discover the “Aiguières* de Suzon” after an approximately 30-minute walk.
*Aiguières are hollowed-out holes in the rock, created by the water from the Séguissous stream. These natural reservoirs were home to a fish called the turgan, which was a delicacy. Some can still be seen today.

2 - Le Castellas
If a nice long walk or long mountain-bike course is your cup of tea, this second idea for an outing will be a delight. On the road from Navacelles to Bouquet, you take the trail on the right just before arriving in the Pradines hollow. After a few hundred meters climb, this path will take you to the edge of the rocks which overlook this hollow. Drink in the view, then continue on the winding trail which has many switchbacks. You will end up at Le Castellas. Here there are the ruins of the Château de Bouquet; all that remains is part of the dungeon which has recently been restored. On the return, you have the choice of retracing your steps or going through the village of Bouquet and returning by the road to Navacelles.

3- Beth Menhir
This hike starts with a 15-minute drive to the village of Lussan. On the road between Lussan and Méjannes le Clap, you turn right to reach the hamlet of Malatavernes. Here you take the direction for the hamlet of Beth. Once in the hamlet there is a little sign on your left pointing to the "Menhir".
Go approximately 800 meters in this direction, park your vehicle and strike out on foot on the trail which leads to the superb Menhir de Beth which stands guard over this forest. The menhir is 6 meters high, and the walk is about 2.8 km long.
From this point, if you want, you can continue to hike in the direction of Les Concluses, a magnificent canyon that is highly popular for hiking.


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