Le Vieux Pont et le Buscailhou


Le Vieux Pont et le Buscailhou

  • Le Vieux Pont
  • Le Vieux Pont Roman
  • Le Vieux pont

Since 1938, the entire site, bridge and houses, has been classified as a historic monument.

Before the construction of the bridge, at the end of the 12th century, only a ford allowed to cross the Arre river.

For a long time it was the only passage from one bank to the other and linked the Causse to the Cévennes, promoting many exchanges: the cereals of the Causse, the chestnuts of the Cévennes, the olives of the valleys ...
This Romanesque bridge has become the symbol of the Vigan.

Many painters have fixed on their canvas the bridge and the perfection of the circle formed by the arch and its reflection in the water.
A poster reproducing a watercolor of Montagné was published by the SNCF in the 1930s.
The Tourist Office has printed a reprint, it is available at the Tourist Office.

A path runs along the right bank of the Arre.


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